Monday, September 5, 2016

OTI:four poems and notes:9/5/16

Open To Interpretation


Oh, a golden search,
Brain panning
With a sieve for a mind,
Trying to find,
Liken from an olden time,
On a dangling climb
To a dragon's perch
The hero's bold reach
For the storied gold fleece,
The dragon's necklace,
A charm for peace.


They're quick to grumble,
Crowded about my
Carefully stepping feet,
Like elephant seals on the beach.
Not even a briar patch for me too.
They've been waiting since five
For the electric parade summer night
And have traveled far...
The strollers together parked.

Grumble 2

They're Jabba the Hutt on wheels...
Electric cushioned
Magic chairs
Plow through us...
Where has my sympathy gone?
I can grumble too.


Main Street Train Depot.
Mr. Lincoln.
I look for the scratch
That made my foreman
Cluck his tongue
When I delivered from rehab
The fire wagon to its garage.
The cement floor smooth, okay.
Many feet...
Time heals even cement.


Notes:...Oh, Onyx would love to have it...the Order of the Golden Fleece necklace!...reference Philip the Good...I happened on this study before, studying out Jason and the Argonauts...a curio is there are only two old Greek vases illustrating Jason's adventure...(Greek vases are a study!...reference Keats')...the one, a cup, shows Jason being regurgitated by the dragon while Athene is standing, looking on?, freeing Jason?...(scroll midway down)...this one cup suggests there was another version of the tale...oh, written fragments and mentions do too, but not so clearly!...Mise En Abyme...a term not in my daily vocabulary!...found it happening on Philip the Bold's tomb while browsing google images of Philip the means 'recursive' in one sense, as in fractal self similarity--my conjecture!...Philip the Good is the Frenchman who captured Joan of Arc, and then turned her over to the English...a Duke of Burgandy, close to rank of King, Philip was then allied to the English...brb...


Peace to this meeting, wherefore we are met!
Unto our brother France, and to our sister,
Health and fair time of day; joy and good wishes
To our most fair and princely cousin Katharine;
And, as a branch and member of this royalty,
By whom this great assembly is contrived,
We do salute you, Duke of Burgundy;
And, princes French, and peers, health to you all!

Henry V


...that's the 'band of brothers' play...awhile back, Henry V was put on moot trial for war crimes, a current supreme court judge sat on the court...Henry was fearful the French prisoners, there were a lot quickly acquired, would be trouble, rearm themselves with fallen weapons during the battle's distractions, so had his archers mow them mercy, no quarter...his Knights, the code of chivalry being as strong as it was, refused on pain of death to participate...this all during the Hundred Years' off and on again study!...I don't know which Duke Henry of Philip the Bold's sons dies at the battle of Agincourt...John the Fearless, Duke of Burgandy at the time;  he reigned between Bold and Good...apparently, there were shifting alliances, kind of a French trait!...Philip the Good was offered the Order of the Garter by the English, and refused it, broke off an alliance, and invented the Order of the Golden Fleece, which may be the most elitist Order of the elites!...Grumble 1, 2, Rehab...I stalled going to the Park with the gifted year pass, with gathering diverted...and this week end last for the summer parade, a take off on the old Electric Parade...and I wanted to see it...'Welcome back...' the parking lot attendant said when I handed him the pass to swipe...they always say that, but it brings a smile, as the Park was like home for the seven years I worked there...first time back in sixteen years...the crowds I've heard are overwhelming, and to that I can attest now too!...the Parade?, a disappointment in comparison with the old Electric Parade...but I overheard the old one is coming back for the winter season 'from Florida'...too crowded, the first parade seating, but found a perch near Small World on a planter landscape wall for the second at 10:45...and happy...d'Isigny  sempiterno...



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