Wednesday, September 7, 2016

OTI:seven poems and notes:9/7/16

Open To Interpretation


I got discouraged
I was weary of running
I was tired of the sharp edges
I left off from those life depending moments
I didn't show up
I took a seat on the curb
I didn't want you to pause
I didn't want your sympathy
I hid among the curb sitters
I didn't want you to see me
I'll get back up
I'll catch up
I'll try to make up
I'll relate the truth
I got discouraged
I stayed away
I feared what you'd say
I don't want to be defeated
I don't want to defeat
I want that victory
I want that happy ending story
I don't want glory
I don't want sorrow
I want to know tomorrow
I'll see you
I'll be with you
We'll be delirious too!


Appareled as you are
You look the perfect town girl.
I'm surrounded by town too
But I'd look silly dressed like you.


There's no sing-along chorus
To the drummer's part,
Theirs is to provide the beat
For everyone's feet.

To Maya, My Dog

If I could get you in the car
We could travel far
I know how happy you are
Once thar
But this tug of war
Patience can mar,
Get in!

Poems and Prose

Syllables and rhymes
Count and chime.
Sentences and paragraphs
Sentence and subjugate.


It's no excuse,
I know,
To say I write poems,
But it's like this:
While working
They come to me
And I just drop what I'm doing,
The poems suiting...
Oh sure, I hate work.
Oh, you think the whole poet thing a ruse?
They're to you!


Don't go!
Look at the dogs
The cats
The fish...
Look at the fish!
They're terrified!


Notes: to give Frank Sinatra his due...he covered this singing 'That's Life'...he didn't write that has that great metempsychosis line...

I've been a puppet, a pauper, a pirate
A poet, a pawn and a king

...and Tomorrow is way too long...'I got discouraged, I stayed away, I feared what you'd say' is its 'line'!..."Ah, Sunflower, weary of time..."--William Blake...Apparel, Beat, To Maya...embellishments...Poems and Prose...went where it wasn't started to!...if one is given the words 'poem' and 'prose', and asked to pair them with 'freedom' or 'tyranny'...???...I don't know, but freedom seems to go with poems in spite of the disciplines of poem writing too...there are freedom songs...lots...oh, it's the whole music thing!...rock and roll musicians are noted for living free wheeling lives, but any musician will tell you of the discipline they have....which brought to mind Robert Graves' little motto...'her service is perfect freedom', which I've always seen as referring to Nature...Nature's creatures, 'born to be wild',  have all the discipline of professional musicians!...anyway, I googled the motto, and of course encountered its antecedent, which Graves played off of, 'his service is perfect freedom', coined by St. Augustine...and scrolling through the googles, I found 'Her Service Is Perfect Freedom', a little article reviewing Graves' books by Robert Creeley, who has this to say in passing, the musing being about how poets support themselves...

The point is, it really doesn't matter how you write a poem, so long as you write it.

Robert Creeley
Poetry, March, 1959
'Her Service Is Perfect Freedom'


...and that to Ruse...kind of a long standing refrain of mine!...Fish...I'm available for Fish sitting...



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