Saturday, September 24, 2016

OTI:one poem and notes:9/24/16

Open To Interpretation


Locked in
He sat in his silo
With his missile too
For a decade
Or two
Until one day
He got in the shower
Forgetting he still had his clothes on.
And they took him out,
"What about my missile, too?"
"Not to worry,"
They consoled,
"You still have the one in your pocket."


Notes: Missile...a desultory effort!...the Proofs came!...and I spent all day correcting...I knew all along what needed doing, but needed to see the Proof...I have the same thing happen when I post...first in the editor, then I 'proof' by uploading, and seeing it on the web...I could try to do all the edits before that first upload, but it doesn't seem to work...I mean, it might take forever to get a post up without any edits needed!...I just noticed that back away I transposed some header dates, like 9/6/16 for 6/9/16...I'm a frustration...I'm amazed at how professional word processors get along!...anyway, I fixed things up in the little play, Women Can Do No Wrong...currently I can think of one period missing, and for some reason I can't center the book cover's from Creative Space Publishing's template, and the text wraps right back to the left margin no matter if I space bar move it more towards has to be more to center, as in the Proof, it is too close to the spine, and gets folded up in the bend...sigh...but it is all back in their court now, and when I can, I'll order more Proofs!'s a back and forth...making a book made me think of sending up a rocket, hence 'Missile'...ral...



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