Sunday, September 4, 2016

OTI:four poems and notes:9/4/16

Open To Interpretation


Chickens cattle fish pigs,
Turkeys not so much,
Oh, turtle once in Ensenada,
And cat squirrel dog run over,
Sling shot a lizard between the eyes,
A paltry incomplete list,
And then there's related,
Bombed to oblivion...wherever...
Oh, a couple million...whatever...
Participant as it were
In a planet's destruction.
And imagination's consumption?
That too, I suppose.
Sigh, what's it to be this time?
Chicken, turtle, cat?
Me again?!
Oh, I see the logic in that...

Could Should Would

You could make me someone else
You could you could
Or have me as I am
You should you should
I'd prefer it
I would I would.


What to wear
To avoid your stare
How to walk
To avoid your talk
And dismay
At what I say.


What can a dolphin make?
Oh, the subject isn't little dolphins...
What can a dolphin fashion with no hands?
I pass the seaside
Souvenir shop glass window,
It's full of dolphins!


Notes: Karma...reference metempsychosis...I don't think I encountered 'metempsychosis' until like mid college in my James Joyce's Ulysses...I had to look the word up...and it was like a forbidden subject, along with a few other things in the book!...schools, secular as they intend to be to be free of religion so there's freedom of religion, have a tough time teaching history, as up until the twentieth century when secular science really started to establish itself, all history was religious!...metempsychosis is the old Greek word for reincarnation...the whole notion is so close to evolution, that I can't help but think they are one and the same, but pied by religious teachers, Buddha, Pythagoras, James Joyce!, into an elaborate scheme that gives one pause, but not for too long, as one is moved along to the next willy nilly!...why they may have done that was to avoid exactly what happened to Joyce...censorship...fatal ridicule if one explained fish grew legs, and apes brains, and then us....Could...Dismay...embellishments...Dolphins...very fond of this one!...somehow it grew out of the other three...I would ad 'display' after window, but made the last three lines a English haiku...with the 'kindling' before it...after a hundred years or so now, everyone is familiar with haiku's little format in English...five seven five syllable lines...I've never read a Japanese haiku in Japanese...don't know Japanese!...but I imagine they are different substantially insomuch Japanese/Chinese script is pictorial/hieroglyphic...I've happened with Dolphin on a way to do English haiku that I like...begin with a standard poem kindling lead (poems are like jokes...a story, a punch line), and then finish it, put it all in a nutshell,  with a Shakespeare's sonnets the envoy is like this...oh, here's a blog page where one of the authors has written a haiku to sum up each of Shakespeare's plays! short poems of late titled after some author of note have been in this vein too!...they're kind of notes to myself to connect better with a study...and not just wholesale read all about, or all the works of, an author--or subject...if I can see just one thing of an author/subject, and make it my own in a poem, I'm good...


Sonnet 126 has been dubbed the envoi to the "Fair Youth" sonnets. An envoy or envoi, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary[5] is "The action of sending forth a poem; hence, the concluding part of a poetical or prose composition; the author's parting words; a dedication, postscript. Now chiefly the short stanza which concludes a poem written in certain archaic metrical forms."




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