Sunday, September 25, 2016

OTI:three poems and notes:9/25/16

Open To Interpretation


Poems are like...
You have to grab them by the tail,
Or the scruff of the neck
If you don't want to get bit,
Before they get away.


Go book!
You're on your own
On that wide time river
Through the Amazon jungle.
A post card or two
Now and then
Sent back
With your adventure
Would be fine.


I left you all in the sun too long!
Overnight on the open window sill,
But the morning sun roasted you!
Too hot to hold!
I better let you cool off...
Thank goodness,
Everyone still there!


Notes: I hadn't noticed, but in the 'Proof Review' at Creative Space Publishing, one can just review a digital proof, click okay, and go with that, rather than wait for a hard copy proof in the, so, rather than wait this morning, as this morning I got the email saying 'my turn', I winged it, and went with the digital review....ok...and after going through all the other hoops...more and more I'm like a web circus dog...the little play is up...see link...Women Can Do No iPhone really got cooked sitting on the window sill...reached for it this morning, and thought, 'oh no!'...hats off to the apple engineers! is scary hot hereabout!



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