Friday, September 23, 2016

OTI:five poems and notes:9/23/16

Open To Interpretation


Behind this microphone
Just see me as a skeletone,
Just think it's Halloscream,
That animated scene
With all those dancing skelomoans.


Oh, from that buried gang,
It's a constant harangue,
They're constant strum and drang,
We didn't boomerang!


I write cartoonish,
What can fit
In buffoonish.

Lines and Words

I could stretch things out
Longer lines longer words
But then the kids would shout
We're not fucking nerds!


To get in Bodie's yard
You only need
A one word ID card:


Notes:...more I think about it, more I'm leaning to getting even simpler...I'll leave the complexity to the 'notes'!...Behind...stemmed off from one I don't like...brb...


They all want to be priests
Behind a microphone
Behind a megaphone
And they all think their saints
Behind a badge
Behind a gun.
I got no time
For that religion
Behind a wall.
It never ends well.

...see?...that's getting complicated!...I got to thinking of being a skeleton behind the microphone, you know, stripped down of any affectations, and made a dance macabre, a term I learned looking up the old cartoon, Silly Symphony Skeleton Dance, and wiki's take on it...there's a couple old Roman mosaics been found of skeleton is juxtaposed with food and drink, the sentiment being live and be merry, death is near...that's a common's the underpinning of every violent horror story...anyway, Halloween is coming up, and I fiddled with it...Buried...started with 'harangue'...of late, I feel I'm being harangued by just about everything...but I was getting no where, and so went to the rhyming dictionary, found strum and drang, and boomerang...hmmph...I should just hang out in the rhyming dictionary!...Balloon..a deprecation...Lines...a push back at Ginsebergians!...reference Ginsberg's 'long breath lines'...ID...reference ghost town Bodie...likely a replica...meaning somewhere somewhen something similar written...actually, there's a kind of hope in not being individual/original...that sentiment for sometime!



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