Thursday, September 29, 2016

OTI:three poems and notes:9/29/16

Open To Interpretation

Top Bunk

I've got the top bunk.
Maya, my dog, has the bottom.
She's hard to sleep beside.
I'm even harder.

Under The Pier's Lights

The fishermen entertain
Under the pier's lights,
Lovers hand in hand
Under Cupid's spell.

Arrival of the Northern Flight

Nemo stood on the Nautilus deck
With his binocs observing
The long slender craft return
To the Black Ship.
The crew had piled into the craft
In a hurry from the black sand beach,
As though fleeing some menace
In the Conifer Forest.
He studied closely,
But could no where see Dulcinea.
'How did they get here?' his thought.
'Oh,'  Kannon came into the binocs view.  'Kannon is with them.'
A commotion overhead made Nemo lower the binocs and look up.
The Ravens, Huginn and Muninn,
Were circling in the sky.
"Submerge!" He ordered his crew,
"Submerge quickly, they know we're here."

Far off shore of Nevermore,
The Northern Black Dragon Flight
Waited, spread wide,
Floating on the Black Ocean swells.
They waited for Nemo's return
And report his reconnoiter.
Onyx grew impatient,
As much time passed,
And more,
And no Nemo.
The faraway shore was only a pale streak on the horizon,
Volcano Never a tiny cone.
To pass the time,
The Dragon Flight
Dove for fish,
Gossiped with one another,
Daylight waned,
'Nothing doing today,'
Onyx thought,
'Tonight the Flight will sleep upon the waves.'
In the glooming,
Onyx glimpsed the two Ravens,
Flying as though searching,
And nearing,
And perceiving the Dragon Flight on the waves.
Wheeling about, the Ravens flew straight away,
Back to Nevermore.
"The Black Ship is here!"
Onyx said.
"And Dulcinea!
Nemo has betrayed us!"


Notes: Maya has a plywood board, I have a mattress...she has this maneuver where she stands on the board, the edge of the lower bunk, her paws on the top of the sideways plywood for the walls, which reach a little over the windowsills, so standing such, she turns her head backwards towards me...she can be very insistent! in may aerie, I can give her scratches and pats...Under The Pier Lights...a souvenir of this weeks Wednesday night gathering of the OCPC...there were a lot of young couples sitting at the long tables...very nice...the open reading poets behind the microphone, several first timers, the 'fishermen'...and fisherwomen...fisher'person' is the way to include women I guess...but no music in it...maybe 'fisherwmen', or 'fishermwen' the laundry mat this afternoon, a kid got the top off of one of the low candy dispensers...colored candies all over the floor...he was grabbing them out with both hands...trying to think of another, what are they called?... the smiley face :), the 'lol'...brb...'emoticon', KitC!, Kid in the Candy...along with ral, running around laughing, from the other kid running around opening all the lower dryers...a very prosaic vignette of the Black Ship tale...but, I've managed to get everyone in one place!...and the plot thickened!...KitC week at the Orange County Poetry Club is 'slam' night...100 dollar first prize...there's a scheduled reader too, who showed to do two poems last night...came late, jumped in to do his thing, and then left with friends...rude...made worse because he's a polished performer, has his work memorized, and delivers in rap fashion, just minus music...everyone pretty much is reading off their phones, and I'm finding my old objection of those unprepared with un-memorized work, is going by the wayside...that, as a condition, would act as a preventive algorithm...seeing algos in every bush of late!, am practicing holding the phone...bought another ten dollar book, poet not about, so no signature...ah, another soul lamenting their travails...Cosmic Taxi Driver Blues. by T.A. Greathouse...this week's perusal from my night table...maybe 'fishermw'...



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