Saturday, July 18, 2009

Duck Harbor: Two Mallards

Shuttled over to the Post Office and back...hoped maybe the new camera came...but, hopped off at Lower Falls...had sandals on, and crossed the Creek behind the Deer Creek's End found Mama Mallard with her almost grown up and clips...sat a long while under the Leaning Cedars...then thought maybe the Ducks were at Duck Harbor...picked up, and sat there a long while....picked time...and two of the Young Mallards finally paddled up just a short part....I have lots of clips of Ducks at Duck Harbor!...and it's a special place insomuch the Ducks thereabout were really the first critters I saw at the Creek....sunny still hot blue with a breeze and a few clouds...rafters pic is at Creek's End...from under the Leaning Cedars! the pic one can see Lodgepole Point, Half Stump, Owl Log, Heron Pines, the Diversion Channel...water has gone down a lot...and the little half buried log is still in the sand...the one I'm sitting on sighting the camera in the Blog Link mast's nearly completely covered now with sand and gravel....

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