Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mountain Bluebird

Pic and clip from Monday up in Tuolumne....wanted to put up the fluttering parts, but computer decided..on its own! do an update, so lost everything...tried to start over, but it's kind of involved...want to glue together pics into clip....didn't get out today...slept in almost to work time...and fussed a bit in the the Printer situated on an end table under the art table where the desk top compter resides now...and now maybe I can print routinely without having to drag everything out from under the bunk!!...basically I live in a third world hovel ensconced in a first world palace!!...hmmph...that may seem hyperbolic, but I was thinking today on the vast number of economically impoverished people who will never see the Valley, or the Sierra, or have much opportunity to see even much Fauna and Flora locally...I mean, I didn't when I lived in the City....though at work at the MouseHome, I used to hear Hawks, look up and watch....for sometime for someone is a study of the Fauna and Flora of the Berm thereabout!! addled ramble....sunny still hot blue with some clouds and a tiny breeze! of two Bear Cubs at Happy Isles....

Blog of the Day

This blog is very extensive, with a search feature..brb...oh...the search brings up threads about the MouseHome...and this one from home!!...makes me homesick..and apparently there's a growing population of nature 'boys' and 'girls' thereabout too with the fauna flora bug!!

dont know but the Mouse has made a home herebout...the incessant nibbling and scurrying is the thread is mention of book...I've seen the idea put forth before....

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv


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