Friday, July 17, 2009

Pohono Trail Bear

Well, I stirred up Bear sleeping under the Three Cedars at Creek's End...and tried to follow for pic...had just the new camera with...but Bear disappeared in the Tall Grasses...but I have the Bear clips and pic from the Pohono Trail Hike...and they'll do for the post up...otherwise, I have no pics from today, except a long distant one of Mama Mallard with Tiny Ducklings at Creek's End...when I came up on the Creek, I saw a Bird running across the shingle, and floating right into the water...oh, Duckling!, I thought....and by the time I got there, Ducks were all intermingled with the rafters... one generous group shared their doritos....would like to have taken that pic, but I pretty much leave the tourists out....sunny..hotter! a little bit from the Falcon clips....really wish I'd taken the big scope on the hike!!

Page of the Day

I dont hang out with the artists much the last couple summers, but when I did, I would somtimes takes Susan's class....she's very nice, and her Muir watercolor knockdown! Be sure to lookabout her site!

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