Friday, July 31, 2009

Morning Bear

Was out and about with the Sunrise....back to Creek's End and around to Ozone Beach...two Deer thereabout, young Buck and Doe...clip...and at the Beach, I looked for way around two tourists having a 'nature moment'...and looking out the way I thought to go, saw Bear in the Diversion Channel, doing the same, having a 'human moment'...from the Deer, I had the 20x ready, and set it to record a clip, and took some pics with the new camera....Bear disappeared in the Grasses...followed a little bit, but wanted to get to Two Top Meadow before the Sun, so lost sight....just before Swinging Bridge, happened on two Hairy Woodpeckers, chasing around the Tree Trunks...very neat clip, for the Broken Cottonwood, clip and pic of Hummingbird...often as I see them here, it's Hummingbirds' Home...finally, out in the Meadow, heard one call from Falcon, 7am....went over to Rocky Point, and found a spot below the the shade....and sat and set up the digi and waited...but no luck....may have seen Falcon fly by the Wall, but may have seen Bandtail Pidgeon....must have been Falcon....anyway...paddled back along Rocky Slope...quiet, same as Owl Woods earlier....put the gear up in the Cabin...had Breakfast...and to the Cabin to sleep....these kinds of mornings are an experiment in split shift sleeping!!...dont know but on the old sailing ships one only had four hours off to's still an addling sunny hot blue!! of Bear 6 over in Siberia...reporter (Edie) was between Bear and the Coffee of Deer chasing Coyote...reporter recommended wearing a helmet cam...taking pics every fifteen this morning has 4 something on tag...looks like Fir Bear, 46..or 49....lots of paths in the Grasses and flattened places where I suspect Bear have been sleeping and resting...Deer too...damp ground and damp grass are cool....oh...just before the Pileated Woodpecker clips the other day, I saw Mole!!....Mole scurried across the trail and burrowed into the Duff, and just disappeared...I couldn't find a burrow or anything...would really liked to have gotten a clip, but no chance....

Some ruminations on life at Sea...

from wiki
The crew who sail a ship are called sailors or hands. They take turns to take the watch, the active managers of the ship and her performance for a period. Watches are traditionally four hours long. Some sailing ships use traditional ship's bells to tell the time and regulate the watch system, with the bell being rung once for every half hour into the watch and rung eight times at watch end (a four-hour watch).
end quote

the bilge pump is broke, and the oarsmen aren't tending!!

Blog of the Day

(there is some thought that the flower bloom in Tuolumne Meadows, is a bust this summer...too much heat for the flowers to last long...or something...'am investigating this a bit...and found this site...)

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