Saturday, July 4, 2009

Noon Owls

Paddled out to Creek's End...with a stop to check on the asleep, except for a momentary looksee at me!....Hairy Woodpecker was calling by Owl Log...up in the Three Cedars in fact...looking for grubs...thought to get some more pics and clips, but rafters had hauled out their rafts...the little beach there is popular...went up the Creek to the Great Turf Log...sat awhile, but too sunny....went up to the Swath...sat awhile, and had my breakfast..late breakfast! chocolate croissant...Sandpipers, Grosbeak, Phoebes, Robins, Blue Jays, heard peeps and went up to the Twin Fallen Cedars...tried for some Brown Creeper pics...and a small all yellowish green Bird was taking a bath by the edge of the gravel...clip...hard to tell what Bird...sunny hot blue...some smoke, but not a work I got to wondering if there is any thing, any major thing!, in history that I hadn't heard reported, and tonight on Nat Geo show about the Grand Canyon, there was report of something called The Great Unconformity, which I indeed had never heard of before!...brb...

quote from wiki:

At Frenchman Mountain in Nevada, there is a gap of about 1.2 billion years where the rock jumps from 500 million years old to 1.7 billion years old. In the Grand Canyon, the clearly visible discontinuity represents a time gap that varies from about 250 million years to 1.2 billion years. The Great Unconformity's missing 1.2 billion years represents about 25% of the earth's history.

and the link wiki links...

well...that search led to polonium radio halos, which of course I had never heard of before either!!...but hereabouts there is discussion of such!...

That's a page trying to martial evidence for a near instantaneously created earth...brb another like above...

maybe youTub has clip...brb...oh..but first a refutation...the opposing view!

now see if I can find it is:'s late...but the little video brings up 'what is the origin of Granite?' quick look..brb...well...I get to work RajaRaja into this!!..

Many large Hindu temples in southern India, particularly those built by the 11th century king Rajaraja Chola I, were made of granite

I'll have to go looksee tomorrow what the Visitor center exhibit has to say about Granite...brb...well...I lookedabout to see if Muir ever considered how granite formed...but he seems to have only concerned with how it was scuplted by the Glaciers..


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