Friday, July 3, 2009

Owl Morning

The alarm went off, and after checking outside, realized it had likely gone off too late for a morning Owl Prowl...too much day light....but I couldn't go back to sleep, so geared up...a little..just the 20x and last minute, took along the bracket and 3x..thought to try them with the binocs as digi...just in case I did see Owl...went out through the Backyard to the Cattail Pond...surprised to find Mallard paddling about...clip...and real surprised to hear 'screeech'....the Fledgelings were about...when I came out of the Trees, they were in an Oak right above me...I just kinda sat and slid down a little slope...and anchored the monopod...and did the best I could in the dim light!...dont know if in the mpeg one can see how dilated Owls' pupils are!...very cool...after looking me over, and all about!...Owls flew to a fallen snag Tree on the other side of a clearing..I have some blurry, but very interesting to watch, avis, and a long hd, which is very interesting to watch!...both Fledelings perched, first on an arching fallen limb...then in the Cottonwood..see pic...and I located Mama Owl too..up in another Cottonwood...the Fledgelings are very animated, doing that head bobbing, often in tandem, inspecting things that attract their attention....Mama Owl sits very stoic...and very alert for their next meal!...picked up, when I could have spent hours with was time...and had Breakfast...and back to the Cabin and sleep...woke up, and found a 'the Bus is a derelict and subject to removal' sorta notice on the door...dont know why this missive is so one's objected to where it's parked, or it's condition, and all someone has to do is tell me what's objectionable, and I'll fix it!...but as often happens, a notice is sent around...which just makes a kinda adversarial tension!...anyway, on the way to work, clip of baby Grosbeak...would have liked to have spent time, but was too close to work time...oh...what preoccupied me up to work time, was moving the portion of the dishevelment in the Bus to the Cabin....tomorrow I'll put together the Bookshelves...when I got to work, first thing I heard were reports of Mama Doe giving birth to two Fawns out break was able to get clip ....tried for more at Lunch...but Doe and Two were settled too deep into Trees....there's like a little island of Forest refuge between all the asphalt, cement, and buildings, that she found to give birth...and now resting and nursing...reminds me of the Siberia Doe with Two..the Deer may take to the buildings for birthing...feeling safe there...I think they think that the tourists and everyone are just a big Deer herd!...tomorrow I'll walkabout, and maybe get lucky to see the happy event happening!...came very close today...sunny hot blue with a few puff orange cast to everything from the fire....reports of Rattlesnakes on the way to Mirror Lake...glad there not about in the Backyard...way I get focused in on some critter, I'd be sure to step on and then, I do try to break out of a revere, and lookabout for Bear!...did get Owl clip with the binocs as digi...but way too blurry and bouncy!

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